Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS) is an English-language school that brings together an incredibly diverse range of young people from across the globe each year. No more than 25% of the attendees speak the same language, so they learn English fast to communicate with one and other.

Every student who attends speaks of the amazing atmosphere and vibe at BOSS and over two days in 2018 we endeavoured to capture this spirit and energy they have on campus.

The school champions diversity and multiculturalism, encouraging the young people to learn about and celebrate each other's cultures. All set against a backdrop of the beautiful British countryside of East Sussex.

"We create this environment where they’re speaking English all the time, they’re completely immersed in it."

"It’s our philosophy to broaden people’s minds."

"We get a lot of people coming back year after year because they just have such a good time here."

Client: Buckswood Overseas Summer School
Director: Reuben Armstrong
DOP: Jamie Neale
Editor: Reuben Armstrong
Sound & Music: Jamie Frye