And you’re back in the womb! 

A series of short documentary pieces filming people reacting to the virtual reality experience ‘Wonderful You’ from BDH Immersive, in which you learn how the senses develop through the 9 months of pregnancy. 

“Is that my hand?!”
– Rosie, 5 years-old.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 15.52.53.png

"Women who don't have children can learn a lot from this"
– Mabel, 87 years-old.

From first-time mothers, to 87-year old grandmothers, the piece was an opportunity to capture the reactions of people who have never experienced VR before. The films helped promote the app’s release on Facebook's Oculus store in Nov 2017. 

Client: Facebook / Oculus
Agency: BDH
Directors: Reuben Armstrong & Jamie Neale
Editor: Reuben Armstrong
Music: Timo Baker for BDH